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Dubai has rapidly grown into a leading tourism and real estate capital of the world. It has gained the status of a progressive employment capital. A lot of international companies in the field of construction, hospitality, finance, media etc are setting business in Dubai. They need a lot of qualified staff to work with them and hence there are great job opportunities here....

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Dubai, the shopping capital of the Middle East, is a shopper’s paradise! What better way to spend your leisure time and beat the Dubai heat than go on a shopping spree in one of the many classy air-conditioned shopping malls which adorn the Dubai landscape.....

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Besides the Burj-al-Arab, Dubai offers a wide variety of hotel accommodation which is generally considered to be of very high standard and great value for the money. The range includes everything from budget hotel Dubai accommodation to luxury hotels. ...

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Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the tallest tower of them all? Very soon the answer will be “Burj Dubai”. Burj Dubai is an Arabic word which means "Dubai Tower" when translated to English. This soon to be the tallest man made structure in the world is currently under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. ...

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Move over Disneyland, Dubailand is here! Dubai has always had a fascination for coming up with some ‘firsts in the world’. Dubai has launched what can easily be termed as one of the biggest construction projects in the world, Dubailand, the Middle East’s very own answer to the Disneyland. Dubai’s modern ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is known as a visionary, but he has outdone himself by conceptualizing the multi billion dollar mixed-use theme park. The Dubai business community was stunned when the Dubailand project was officially announced on October 23rd, 2003. This mega park will be twice the size of all of the Disneyland/Disneyworld resorts put together, the largest collection of amusement parks in the world. The phase one of the project was expected to be completed within two years. The development of the rest of the project depended on the contribution of the private sector in this gigantic project. The reaction of the private sector has been overwhelming with investment figures reaching an approximate $6 for the first phase alone. So, construction of Dubailand is in full swing.


Dubailand MapDubailand is part of Dubai Holding and is managed and developed by its subsidiary Tatweer. It will be built on around 3 billion square feet of land, stretching from the back of Emirates Hills down almost to The Creek. It is just 10 minutes from Dubai International Airport, 10 minutes from Dubai World Trade Centre, 20 minutes from Sharjah and 60 minutes from Abu Dhabi. As per official announcement, the park will include 45 mega projects and 200 sub projects. The parks 45 separate projects will house everything right from space exploration exhibition to full-size dinosaur enclosure. The scale of this project can be judged by the fact that it will cover an area almost as large as the present built-up area of Dubai. This project will vastly add to the already booming tourism sector of Dubai. Dubailand is expected to attract 15 million tourists to Dubai by the year 2010. It is expected to be a tourist, amusement and holiday destination which will attract tourists from all over the world. This wont be much of a problem considering that it will house ‘The Mall of Arabia’ rooted to be the biggest shopping mall in the world, classy five-star hotels, modern art gallery, the largest zoo in the Middle East, multi-cultural garden complex, an indoor ski-slope, aviation display, Pyramids, sports stadiums, water amusement park, and much more. It will appeal to all genders, age groups and world regions, in short, a universal appeal.

Dubailand will be divided into six theme worlds. The first one will be the Attractions & Experience World covering an area of 13 km˛. It will have Water and Theme Parks, the Global Village and the Kids City, Giants World and of course the Dubai Snow dome, an indoor ski resort. The second world will be the Retail and Entertainment World covering an area of 4 km˛. It will have a World Trade Park, Factory Outlets, Flea Market and an Auction World. The third world will be the Themed Leisure and Vacation World covering an area of 29 km˛. It will include the Desert Kingdom, Women’s World, Andalusia Resort and Spa and Destination Dubai to promote Dubai as the ultimate tourist attraction. The fourth world will be the Eco-Tourism World covering an area of 75 km˛ and will include Al Sahara Desert Resort, Sand Dune Hotel and Al Kaheel. The fifth world will be the Sports and Outdoor World covering an area of 19 km˛ and providing different sports activities for tourists. It will include Dubai Autodrome for motor sports fanatics, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Golf City, Emirate Sports World, Plantation Equestrian and Polo Club. Lastly but no way the least is the sixth world, Downtown covering an area of 1.8 km˛. It will house the Mall of Arabia, the world's largest shopping mall, City Walk, The Great Dubai Wheel, which will be the world's 2nd largest observation wheel after Shanghai Kiss and a Virtual Game World

Work on Dubailand is moving at a brisk pace with phase one expected to be completed some time between 2006 and 2010. The first four phases are expected to be completed sometime during 2008 and the final phases expected to be completed sometime between 2015 and 2018. You don’t need to wait that long for some of Dubailand attractions are already operational. These include Dubai Autodrome, The Global Village and more recently the Al Sahara Desert Resort. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and live your fantasy life at Dubailand.

Six Zones (Worlds)

• Attractions & Experience World 13 km² (5.2 mile²)
o Universal Studios Dubai
o Tiger Woods Dubai
o Bawadi
o Global Village
o Kids City
o Giants World
o Water Parks
o Aquadunya
o Sahara Kingdom
o Dubai Snowdome, an indoor ski resort.
• Retail and Entertainment World 4 km² (1.6 mile²)
o Flea Market
o World Trade Park
o Auction World
o Factory Outlets
• Themed Leisure and Vacation World 29 km² (11.2 mile²)
o Women's World
o Destination Dubai
o Desert Kingdom
o Andalusian Resort and Spa
Eco-Tourism World 75 km² (28.9 mile²)
o Al Sahra Desert Resort
o Sand Dune Hotel
o Al Kaheel
• Sports and Outdoor World 19 km² (7.4 mile²)
o Dubai Sports City
o Emerat Sports World
o Plantation Equestrian and Polo Club
o Dubai Autodrome
o Dubai Golf City
Downtown 1.8 km² (0.7 mile²)
o Mall of Arabia, which will be the world's largest shopping mall
o City Walk
o The Great Dubai Wheel, which will be the world's 2nd largest observation wheel after Shanghai Kiss
o Virtual Game World

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