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Dubai has rapidly grown into a leading tourism and real estate capital of the world. It has gained the status of a progressive employment capital. A lot of international companies in the field of construction, hospitality, finance, media etc are setting business in Dubai. They need a lot of qualified staff to work with them and hence there are great job opportunities here....

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Dubai, the shopping capital of the Middle East, is a shopper’s paradise! What better way to spend your leisure time and beat the Dubai heat than go on a shopping spree in one of the many classy air-conditioned shopping malls which adorn the Dubai landscape.....

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Besides the Burj-al-Arab, Dubai offers a wide variety of hotel accommodation which is generally considered to be of very high standard and great value for the money. The range includes everything from budget hotel Dubai accommodation to luxury hotels. ...

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Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the tallest tower of them all? Very soon the answer will be “Burj Dubai”. Burj Dubai is an Arabic word which means "Dubai Tower" when translated to English. This soon to be the tallest man made structure in the world is currently under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. ...

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Own Rental Property in Dubai

Are you afraid of doing business in Dubai by owning rental properties? Please read on and think again. The real estate market outlook for properties in Dubai has never been more positive. Just last year, the Dubai leadership released the freehold list which officially allowed foreigners to own selected properties in Dubai. This year, another follow-up law has been published in support of the freehold law. With these signals, it is pretty clear that Dubai’s leadership is serious in fast-tracking the liberalization of Dubai real estate. Never has there been a time in any Arab state or country where foreigners can finally own land and do business in Dubai without any restrictions. Furthermore, with Dubai’s increasing participation in international finance by way of expanding their trading horizons, more and more expatriates are expected to fly in to Dubai.


Naturally, with more and more people staying in Dubai, more housing property is required. If you want to do business in Dubai, then now is the time to own rental properties. For the moment, foreigners wanting to own rental properties in Dubai should limit themselves to properties included in the freehold list as well as properties that are located in the free zones of Jebel Ali or the Airport free zone. Even then, you must consult a lawyer. Being at its infantile stages, the Dubai real estate industry still has to iron out and polish its rules and regulations. Still, he who hesitates is lost. Because of Dubai’s robust growth, almost everything in Dubai is a hot commodity. Figuratively speaking, Dubai soil is selling like hot cakes. The early bird gets the worm. If you buy your own rental property to start a business in Dubai, chances are, you won’t be disappointed.

If your purpose is to own rental properties as a form of doing business in Dubai, then you should hunt for properties selling in the World Islands or the Palm Islands. These two developments are included in the freehold list and are considered to be the best of the best in Dubai’s real estate market. You can click on them to get more information.


There are other freehold areas in Dubai from which you can acquire rental properties. The quicker you can start doing business in Dubai, the sooner you get your returns on investments. Follow this link to browse our Dubai real estate agent guide.

Before you can do business in Dubai, you will need to get licenses. Normally, you go through the Department of Economic Development to acquire a business license. However, the concept of foreigners legally owning rental properties in Dubai is a fairly new one. Procedures for this endeavor may be considerably vague. Again, get legal counseling before actually proceeding with your intent to do business in Dubai with your rental properties. Do not assume that Dubai will follow international codes or policies that deal with rental properties. The way they formalize a sale in the real estate market of Dubai is considerably different from the generalized way the rest of the world does it.

If your rental properties are within a free port, then you do not have any problems with regards to your rental properties. Foreigners are allowed to own 100% of businesses within a Freeport. However, outside of a Freeport, doing business in Dubai requires that a UAE national own 51% of a business or that a UAE national be assigned in trust. Since most freehold properties are outside of free zones, the government of Dubai might insist on their business policies. Again, consult a lawyer. At any rate your rental properties are safe so long as they are in the freehold list.

While we would like to be more specific about the policies of the government of Dubai in so far as foreign owned rental properties and business in Dubai is concerned, these policies are currently evolving. In fluid situations like these, your own legal representative is your best bet in securing your investment.